Anthony T. Rinaldi

Anthony T. Rinaldi – President / CEO

With 30+ years experience in both public works construction and private development, Mr. Rinaldi’s hands-on involvement in all phases of construction has previously enabled him to achieve key person status and executive distinction for two of the oldest and most nationally renown construction firms in New York. During his time at George A. Fuller Company, Inc., Mr. Rinaldi directed all phases of construction management, purchasing and administration on The Residences at Ritz Carlton, a $500-M Hotel and Condo-Tower in White Plains, New York and at Trump Tower, New Rochelle, part of a $750-M downtown urban redevelopment plan at Le Count Square. Prior to that, his 10-year entrepreneurial success and experience as President and COO in his own firm led to an executive position as Director of Operations for HRH Construction, LLC. Holding Contractor licenses in Arizona, Florida & New Jersey and a NYC Dept. of Buildings Site Safety Manager’s license, in New York, combined with an Engineering degree from Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, Mr. Rinaldi’s background virtually spans all facets of construction from low-rise retail, commercial and institutional construction to mid-and-high-rise hotel and residential development, both in the union and non-union marketplaces alike. Today, as President and CEO of The Rinaldi Group, LLC., he leads the firm of architects, engineers and construction professionals with primary focus in private construction and development throughout the New York, New Jersey metropolitan region and Florida, with an eye set toward future expansion into Arizona and the west coast.

Devendra Dave – VP and Director of Purchasing and Contract Administration

With 30+ years experience as a Field Engineer and Project Manager, Mr. Dave provides senior managerial support and executive leadership to the firm as the company’s highest ranking project manager. Additionally, Mr. Dave’s technical skills and abilities, coming from a Civil Engineering degree and background in structural systems, enables the team to support many clients with design and development decisions involving cost, value-engineering and schedule, during the critical pre- construction phase of their projects. Having spent his last 10-years with Mr. Rinaldi and The Rinaldi Group (TRG) team, both independently and while under the umbrella of both George A. Fuller Company and HRH Construction, two of the nation’s largest, oldest and most prestigious construction firms located in New York, Mr. Dave forms part of the key management staff of TRG and has been a significant part of the firms previous award winning success. From core-&-shell commercial building to high-rise residential construction, Mr. Dave exemplifies TRG’s technical skills and professional abilities to perform and provide a virtual limitless range of services for any customer need.

Jerry Qie – VP and Director of Estimating

With 30+ years construction experience in engineering, project management, quality control, inspection and estimating, Mr. Qie provides the firm with solid cost-analysis and budgetary expertise. From conceptual estimating knowledge and experience to value-engineering and scheduling capabilities, Mr. Qie provides a full-range of professional estimating skills and talents sparsely found in the industry today. Serving as a conduit between the field and project management teams, he monitors cost-controls as weighed against project budgeting; he maintains general conditions against project budgetary constraints; he regulates change orders and he asses scheduling impacts and their corollary effects on time-extensions, delays and/or costs. His 6-years of dedicated, loyal and valuable service to Mr. Rinaldi and The Rinaldi Group, LLC., (TRG) team has captured him key-person status as a significant and substantial member of the firm.

Frances Santos – VP and Comptroller / Administrative Director

Having spent virtually her entire career with Mr. Rinaldi and the Rinaldi Group team, Ms. Santos is highly skilled and multi-dimensional, implementing and merging her accounting background as a Full-charged Book-keeper with her construction knowledge and experience in Project management and administration, working in both the highly complex and paperwork encumbered public market as well as in the private sector. From public schools and local municipalities to high-rise residential development, Ms. Santos’ background and hands-on experience proves her to be a valuable asset to the firm’s accounting, project management and administration branches, lending suit to her credentials as a key member of the professional team at the Rinaldi Group.

Robert Lawler – General Superintendent

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, and over 15 years working with Mr. Rinaldi, Mr. Lawler brings a tremendous level of experience and tenure to The Rinaldi team. Mr. Lawler primarily functions as a seasoned General Superintendent and oversees several Rinaldi projects but has demonstrated his versatility in the past in performing as Project Manager, Project Superintendent, and Project Executive. Acting as the firms General Superintendent, Mr. Lawler has presided over several Supers on several successful Rinaldi projects including 215 Pearl Street, a ground-up 39-story Hotel spanning 165,000 SF, 120 Water Street, a ground-up 28-story Hotel spanning 60,000 SF, and 11 Stone Street, a ground-up 27-story Hotel spanning 58,000 SF. Mr. Lawler exemplifies being a team player and is willing to do whatever it takes to help the company succeed. Mr. Lawler is a NYC-licensed superintendent and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Management and Industrial Relations from Seton Hall University.

Joel Sciascia – Executive VP / General Counsel

As Executive VP & General Counsel for The Rinaldi Group, Mr. Sciascia advises the CEO, on various matters, which include new business opportunities, deal structuring and contractual risks, as well as working with other Vice Presidents, Project Executives and Project Managers to resolve trade contractor negotiations and disputes. Mr. Sciascia reviews, negotiates and drafts construction management agreements with owners and subcontract agreements with trade contractors. In his role as EVP at the Rinaldi Group, Mr. Sciascia directly manages some of the firm’s larger projects, such as the recently completed 40 story, 325 key, double branded, Marriot Hotel at 215 Pearl St in NYC. He holds a B.S. in Design (Architecture) and a M.S. in Construction Management from Arizona State University, and a J.D. from Fordham Law.

Jeff Feldman – COO Florida Operations

As an Executive leading Rinaldi’s Florida Division operations, Mr. Feldman heads procurement, contracts, negotiations, budgeting, and schedule development while presiding over the Division’s project management staff across all regional jobs. Mr. Feldman leverages his extensive network in the South Florida region to secure new projects for the firm including Flagler Station, an 8-story, 162,000 SF apartment building in West Palm Beach. Mr. Feldman’s contributions to the team are limitless and his leadership skills and abilities exemplifies what it means to be a member of The Rinaldi Group. Mr. Feldman graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Management & Business Administration.

David Saranow – Managing Director Florida Operations

As s Senor Project Manager and Executive for Rinaldi’s Florida Division operations, Mr. Saranow is involved in every aspect of origination and execution of Rinaldi’s Florida projects. Mr. Saranow has contributed to projects including Warren Henry Auto Group, an 8-story dealership that spans over 750,000 SF, The Raleigh Hotel renovations of a luxury 10-story condo building, and Flagler Station, an 8-story, 162,000 SF apartment complex. Mr. Saranow heads several project teams and provides solutions to on site issues and problems in real time as they arise. Mr. Saranow graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and received his Master of Business Administration from New York University.

Charlie Lustik – Senior Project Manager Florida Operations

As a Senior Project Manager for Rinaldi’s Florida Division operations, Mr. Lustik’s responsibilities include management and development of Rinaldi’s Florida staff, financial management including cash flow analysis and anticipated cost reports, schedule development, and contracting and purchasing. Mr. Lustik has contributed to several Rinaldi projects in Florida including Collins Park Hotel, in Miami Beach, a restoration to a 291-key hotel spanning just under 175,000 SF. Mr. Lustik brings experience and tenure to the Rinaldi team and has worked on a significant number of projects over the course of his career. Mr. Lustik graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Management.