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New York City’s tallest modular-constructed hotel is as much a work of art inside as it is outside but it is it’s innovative, modular construction that truly sets this downtown jewel apart. The Rinaldi Group is proud to have been chosen as the project’s general contractor and see the opening of New York City’s most exciting and unique boutique hotel.

Behind the stylish interior and curated art installations is a new achievement in modern construction. A hotel built room by room in a factory and assembled in the narrow streets of New York City’s Bowery neighborhood. Modular construction methods can reduce a project’s completion time by as much as 50%, allowing companies, residents and guests to occupy the space far ahead of the typical building schedule.

“The modular building process can significantly reduce the cost of labor, materials, and transportation plus, by its uniformity of design, it minimizes waste,” says Anthony Rinaldi, president and CEO of The Rinaldi Group, chosen to build the project. “It’s also superior environmentally and lessens the amount of traffic congestion which is key in urban areas such as Manhattan.”

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