This early 20th Century municipal building underwent an extensive modernization and renovation project in the Fall of 1988, combining new construction with rehabilitation and preservation of existing construction to maintain a piece of the building’s authenticity. Meeting the technological demands of the police department, this modernized building includes an electronic audio and video control room, an armory, 3 new interrogation rooms, 2 locker rooms, a gym, and a new lunch room.

With the addition of a 2,000 SF mezzanine, the building now provides ample office space for the Township’s Mayor, Chief of Police, and Clerk, including a new file room.

Much of the building’s original interior wainscot walls, terrazzo floors, and wood frames, doors and trim were refurbished on the second floor and throughout the existing corridors, halls, entrances and lobbies to retain the aesthetic and historical countenance of the building.

367 Valley Brook Ave.



New: 2,000 SF
Existing: 15,900 SF

Renovation of 2-Story Existing Landmark Police Department and Town Hall.

Paul J. DeMassi & Associates
Lyndhurst, NJ

100% Completed