This 3-story addition includes 5 separately located and phased building structures. The new facility includes 4 new chemistry labs, 4 new biology labs, 2 new physics labs, 2 new earth science labs, 2 new environmental science classrooms, 5 laboratory prep rooms, 8 new classrooms, 8 new special
education classrooms, 2 new art rooms, 17 new offices, 3 new boys’ and girls’ gangtoilets and a student lounge.

In addition to the new 55,000 SF addition , the project included renovations, upgrades, and modification to existing classrooms and to the overall facility, hosting new stair and elevator towers, building entrances and the central courtyard.

On this project, Rinaldi had the fortune to work with two of the most prestigious firms in the Northeast construction industry — Faridy, Veisz, Fraytak Architects who, as of June, 2002, have designed and built 1,006 schools throughout the State of NJ; Raimondo Contracting who, in its 79th year of business is
ranked the 8th largest CM firm in NJ.

550 Dorian Rd.





New: 55,000 SF


Faridy, Velsz, Fraytak, PC
Trenton, NJ


3-Story New Addition consists of concrete foundation, structural steel framing, CMU partitions and exterior brick veneer


100% Completed