Rinaldi Group Cited as 129th Largest Privately Held Company in NYC Area

The Rinaldi Group (TRG), one of the fastest growing companies in the New York Metropolitan area has now been cited by Crain’s as the 129th largest privately held business in New York. TRG is a full service licensed general contractor and construction management firm that, as a result of its  efficiency, quality, professionalism and safety, has grown into  a financially strong business with unlimited capabilities in an industry today that is more competitive than it has even been before. http://rinaldinyc.com/about-us/

TRG employs a diverse work force of thousands of well trained and safety conscious professionals that has grown substantially in a little over 12 years. Given this fast track to success, it is no surprise that TRG has joined the ranks of billionaire John Catsimatidis and The Red Apple Group…and others like Hearst…Trump…Bloomberg…Goya Foods…Modell’s Sporting Goods…and Sam Ash Music…and construction companies like Hunter Roberts, Tully, Structuretone, Barr & Barr, Plaza, J. Fletcher Creamer, Langan Engineering, Ibex, Schimenti and Cava-recognized for its success and unparalleled growth.

TRG’s technical and design diversity reaches all branches construction, from design-build and core-&-shell to interior fit-out, renovation and rehabilitation, the firm’s abilities are endless. Whether a project is a residential high-rise condominium or a mid-rise hotel; whether it is a commercial office building or a health-care facility; whether it is a school, college or athletic facility or a theater, restaurant or library; and whether it is a public municipal building and court-house or it is a financial data hub, entertainment complex or retail center-the list of what the TRG can do, and do in the most cost effective way, is literally endless.

Success, however, doesn’t only bring accolades-it creates jealousy and resentment. As one of the largest and fastest growing merit-based contractors, TRG has a target on its back because regressive forces are looking to find any way they can to diminish all that the firm has accomplished in little over a decade.

We are here to let everyone know that we will not take the attacks lying down-because to threaten TRG is to threaten not only a successful business, but also the livelihoods of thousands of mostly minority workers who have been given tremendous opportunity to become part of the American Dream because of TRG’s rapid growth. We have no need to apologize for our success and we will do all within our power to preserve the competition in construction that is vital to economic growth and prosperity.

America is known as a land of opportunity. We at TRG are grateful that we have been fortunate enough to compete successfully and help to create hundreds of diverse facilities that the public uses and enjoys today.

It is this vibrant and unique environment that is under siege by forces that want to turn back the clock to a time when their own protection racket stymied competition and thwarted the growth the provides the jobs that drives this great economy. With all of our own effort, and the support of scores of other like minded contractors, we are prepared to do battle to preserve and promote competition in one of the foremost job-creating industries in New York and New Jersey.